Giving Back

There are two main goals of the Homospun Collective:

  • To create fun, safe, engaging events that help to build and celebrate an inclusive local queer community
  • To act as a vehicle for fundraising, and provide funding to other individuals or groups involved in building and celebrating an inclusive local queer community

Our Draft Donation Policy

We are currently developing a comprehensive donation policy:  If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

If your project or organization would like to request a donation from Homospun, the following guidelines must be met:

  1. Requests must be made formally using the donation application.
  2. Only one donation per year will be made to any given project or organization.
  3. Projects or organizations within the Greater Victoria Area will be given priority over those outside our region:  If your project or organization is active elsewhere, please explain to us its local relevance.
  4. For a donation for a specific event, the application must be received at least 60 days before the event date in order to be considered.
  5. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and so we recommend submitting a request as early as possible.
  6. Homospun will consider requests for donations from projects or organizations that focus on building and celebrating an inclusive local queer community.
  7. Homospun will not consider requests for donations from political parties or third-party fundraisers.
  8. Past support of a project or organization or event is not a guarantee of future support.

Donation Application

To have your project or organization considered for a donation, please send us an email detailing the following information:

Name of Project/Organization
Website of Project/Organization
Name of Contact Person
Position/Role of Contact Person
Phone Number of Contact Person
Email of Contact Person
Project/Organization Mailing Address
What is the primary focus of your project/organization?
What is the amount of funding requested?
What will be the specific use of the funding?
How many people are directly impacted by your project/organization?
Why are you requesting a donation from Homospun?
If applicable, what are the time constraints on your request?
If applicable, when did Homospun last contribute to your project/organization?
How will Homospun’s donation be recognized?
Is there any other background information that you would like Homospun to consider when looking at your request?

Depending on the scope of your request, we may ask you to attend a Homospun collective meeting so that we can discuss details as a group.

While Homospun will try to accommodate as many requests as possible, we reserve the right to decline donation requests if the guidelines are not met, for budgetary reasons, or if the stated mission or goals of your project/organization are in conflict with Homospun.