New music strategy, awesome songs welcome

At our last fabulous dance party, right at the end of the night, a DJ started to play “Blurred Lines”. Some folks got triggered and upset, and we didn’t get the music changed fast enough. As one response, we got together and made a new music strategy for future events. Let us know what you think of it!

As another response, we are starting to collect examples of positive, queer, anti-oppressive, solidarity-celebrating, and other radical dance music. We think this can be a fun resource for our future DJs, and maybe for other groups or events. Maybe for dancing in your kitchen too.

So, got a rad political dance party track to suggest? Please leave a comment. Links to youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc are very welcome. Thanks!


Would you party earlier?

Dear Homospuners,

As you may know, since the last 19+ dance party, we’ve been on the lookout for a new venue, because our former regular location can no longer accommodate our late-night loudness. Do you have any ideas for other venues? Please let us know! In the meantime, help us out with our decision-making by participating in the following poll:

Want to give us feedback but are too young to attend our 19+ dance parties? Check out our youth event poll!