New music strategy, awesome songs welcome

At our last fabulous dance party, right at the end of the night, a DJ started to play “Blurred Lines”. Some folks got triggered and upset, and we didn’t get the music changed fast enough. As one response, we got together and made a new music strategy for future events. Let us know what you think of it!

As another response, we are starting to collect examples of positive, queer, anti-oppressive, solidarity-celebrating, and other radical dance music. We think this can be a fun resource for our future DJs, and maybe for other groups or events. Maybe for dancing in your kitchen too.

So, got a rad political dance party track to suggest? Please leave a comment. Links to youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc are very welcome. Thanks!


18 thoughts on “New music strategy, awesome songs welcome

  1. Been feeling this band. Love the female vocals, plus really good sound production, Ellihant “Down on Life” sounds a bit like MIA.

  2. The Coup!

    “The Guillotine”

    “We got hella people / they got helicopters / they got the bombs / but we got the guillotine”

    “5 million ways to kill a CEO”.

    “We Are The Ones”

    “We’re the have-nots, but we’re also the don’t-gets…”

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