Agitate! Liberate! Celebrate! Remembering Stonewall: All ages dance

Dance poster for our all ages, sober, dance party falling on the anniversary of the Stonewall rebellionJune 28th 2014, Doors open at 8:00pm
1315 Douglas St, Oddfellows Hall
Lkwungen Territory

  • tru2U (youth group) Art Showcase
  • Dance lessons at 8:15
  • $5-20 sliding scale, no one turned away
  • Food & drinks provided
  • With Guest DJs

Please respect our intent to offer a sober space at this event

Dance Poster: Agitate! Liberate! Celebrate! (PDF)

Homospun Collective presents: An all ages LGBTQ dance

Our dance is happening on the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, so we feel compelled to acknowledge this important historical moment. While we don’t claim to be experts on the histories of Stonewall, we acknowledge that popular mythologies tend to erase the working class Black and Brown trans and gender-variant folks, sex workers, and street youth who were on the front lines of the Stonewall Rebellion. Our collective is having an ongoing conversation about how to commemorate Stonewall in a way that does not co-opt this vital moment and filter it through the lenses of white supremacy, transmisogyny, and classism. We hope to honour the people who resisted- and continue to resist- the intersecting forms of oppression that they face. We hope to centre their voices by screening interviews and providing some materials in the quiet room by the people who were there, whose voices are frequently and violently erased. We hope to create a space that opens up conversation about voices that are centred and voices that are missing when we celebrate Pride.

We dance to remember those that came before us, those that stand beside us and the future generations to come!

Why sober?

Queer spaces, as well as clubs generally, are often heavily centered around drinking. For this dance party we’d like to offer an alternative.

People have lots of reasons for wanting party space away from substance use. Maybe you can’t drink for your health or recovery reasons. Maybe you don’t partake because of the effect, taste or price. Maybe you just want to try going out dancing sober.

For many people, the presence or absence of alcohol/drugs is a basic accessibility and safer space issue. Because of this, please don’t drink/take drugs before coming or during this party. (Adapted from “Choose Yr own Adventure” in London England)

Accessibility info

There is an elevator up to the second-floor event space. The space itself is on two levels, joined by a ramp. There is a single-stall wheelchair accessible washroom, and a multi-stall gender-neutral washroom.

Safer spaces

We ask that folks read and familiarize themselves with our Safer space guidelines.


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Stonewall Links (this gives an overview, but contains some cis-sexist phrasing and generally does not acknowledge the race and gender identity intersections of the riots) (Stress warning here for anti-queer/racialized violence)


New music strategy, awesome songs welcome

At our last fabulous dance party, right at the end of the night, a DJ started to play “Blurred Lines”. Some folks got triggered and upset, and we didn’t get the music changed fast enough. As one response, we got together and made a new music strategy for future events. Let us know what you think of it!

As another response, we are starting to collect examples of positive, queer, anti-oppressive, solidarity-celebrating, and other radical dance music. We think this can be a fun resource for our future DJs, and maybe for other groups or events. Maybe for dancing in your kitchen too.

So, got a rad political dance party track to suggest? Please leave a comment. Links to youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, etc are very welcome. Thanks!